High Quality Beneo 14ft Premium Outdoor Trampoline

High Quality Beneo 14ft Premium Outdoor Trampoline...

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High Quality Beneo 14ft Premium Outdoor Trampoline

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What do you get with the trampoline?

  • 1 X Trampoline
  • 1 x Trampoline Safety Pad
  • Assembly instructions with safety Manual (It is really easy to assemble)
  • Steel Ladder
  • Enclosure Net
  • Installation Kit (Spring Pull Tool (T-Hook) are included.
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✅The new Beneo trampoline model series are specially designed and made for great entertainment, high safety and long service life. All of our Beneo trampolines are EN-71 certified. The unique design of the trampoline is patented. Our trampolines makes a smile on every children face.


 Beneo Trampolines is a professional manufacturer of exterior and interior trampolines with innovative design, high safety and long service life. Safety is our priority # 1: Our protective net is thicker than other trampolines net, which ensures perfect protection without abrasions. The safety net is made up of very small holes so that even the smallest children can not get through their fingers and get injured. The protective net of the other manufacturers available on the market can be dangerous for younger children.


✅ New reflection platform. Jump higher, better and safer! The reflective surface of the trampoline is made of a polypropylene material (PP Mesh) with a water-repellent surface and UV resistance. A special, non-abrasive (smooth) finish prevents skin from scratching at impact. The HIGH JUMP's great springs are made of galvanized steel to ensure smooth impact and great jump.

✅ The rigid steel construction offers unique durability and stability: a fully galvanized steel frame for better corrosion resistance. The bottom of the trampoline is powder coated for a long service life and an exclusive look. Trampolines Beneo are not corrosive !! The frame around the protective net is protected by a coarse foam layer for more safety. Unique design: Curved C-shaped legs are patented. Thi legs gives to Trampoline more stability and is more secured.

✅ Added value and warranty. WHAT YOU FIND IN THE PACKAGE: 1 trampoline, safety net, spring cover, reflective surface, foam collar, galvanized steel ladder and all the necessary installation tools. Beneo trampolines offer 2 year warranty. We stand for quality.


Technical parameters

  • Trampoline diameter: 427 cm
  • Number of legs: 4
  • Number of springs: 88
  • Spring length:
  • Maximum load: 120 Kg
  • Packaging: 3 Boxes


What makes Beneo trampolines the safest trampoline for kids?

  • CE certified trampoline
  • Superior dense mesh netting (UV Protected)
  • Galvanized Steel Rods (with black powder coating)
  • Pro-stretch Springs
  • Heavy duty steel ladder
  • Protective frame pad on all sides
  • Protective Zipper
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Manuale d'istruzioni
Dimensioni - Altezza (cm) 263
Dimensioni - Larghezza (cm) 427
Dimensioni - Lunghezza (cm) 427
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