SpiritTeam Basketball Board for 12ft Trampolines

SpiritTeam Basketball Board for 12ft Trampolines...

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SpiritTeam Basketball Board for 12ft Trampolines

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Genuine SpiritTeam basketball board fits for 12ft Jumpspirit Trampolines
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  • Trampoline

    SpiritTeam Basketball Board brings a new dimension to Your trampoline

    Encourages Your childs to spend their free time outdoors. It combines two interesting activities - trampolining and basketball playing.

  • SpiritTeam Basketball Board

    Better coordination of jumps

    Basketball playing in the trampolines enhances the coordination of Your children, because they are doing two different sports at the same time. They are concentrated on good throws and subconsciously they are improving their jumping technique.

  • Basketball Board Suspension

    Safe and Solid

    Our basketball board has its own suspension to be safer and long lasting. It absorbs hits and thanks to extra foam covering is safe for Your children.

  • Miniball and pump

    Mini ball and Pump for every SpiritTeam basketball board FREE OF CHARGE!

    To ensure You a maximum pleasure of using a SpiritTeam Basketball Board, we offer You a mini-basketball and pump with standard ball needle free of charge. You can also use Your ball for water sports and the handy pump is great for every standard ball.

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